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Autorun.inf Check 2.0

Autorun.inf is a very specific diagnose tool that checks all autorun.inf files
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Sadegh Mosavi

Autorun.inf Check is a program developed and maintained by Sadegh Mosavi. The purpose of the program is to scan all autorun.inf files that are available in your computer. Autorun.inf files automatically execute a program. Some of this programs are legal and are part of trusted software applications, however many spyware and malware programs have been known to use autorun.inf files to execute themselves in a computer.

This program has very simple options - remove an autorun.inf file or make a backup of it, and remove the file it links to or save a backup copy of it. The main issue is that there is no help file for the program, and it does not state where the backups are saved or how can you distinguish between a spyware autorun file and a trusted one.

Autorun.inf Check 2 has plenty of functionality besides its scanning capabilities. It allows you to make a backup of your registry, and there is also a “Prevention tab”, designed to prevent new malicious autorun.inf files from getting into your computer. The new interface has been designed so that the tools included are segmented and better structured, thus making it easier to use the tool. The program is very compact and uses a low amount of memory. It is a great tool if you need to diagnose a computer suffering from malware programs.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Checks all autorun.inf files
  • Has other system options in the interface


  • No support provided for the tool
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